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The Babel Party

The Babel Party

Fictitious political party

Performance in collaboration with Esty Zakhem, Noam Meiri

A month of ongoing perofrmances during the 11th Knesset election campaign, July 1984

The main performance was done on July 23rd, 1984 on election night

on Shenkin street in Tel Aviv

Tat-Rama and Shenk-In Galleries


…  "Dan Zakhem, to be sure, has in the past made direct references to politics.  During the elections of 1984, he established a fictitious party, called Babel, as head of which he ran for office.  He organized an entire American style pop-art "happening" campaign, waving to crowds from and open convertible car complete with imitation smiles and gestures.  The essence of the campaign was to present the propaganda as an artistic medium, in which eight monitors broadcasted the election results live from Jerusalem..."

Michael Sagan-Cohen


*... archive still in process

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