Artists's House,
Tel Aviv, Israel (1993)
Site for Achaeological Finds No. 2
Museum Bat Yam
Bat Yam, Israel. (1993)
Since May 13th, 1958
Yad LeBanim, Raanana, Israel. (1992)
Program for Archaeological Site
Sculpture Biennal
Ein Hod, Israel. (1992)
Majesty of Absence-Details
Museum Yanko-Dada,
Ein Hod, Israel. (1991)
The Majesty of Absence
Yanko-Dada Museum,
Ein Hod, Israel. (1991)
5 Masks
Jerusalem Museum,
Jerusalem, Israel. (1991)
Hakikar Gallery
Jaffa, Israel. (1989)
The Majesty of Absence -Detail
Museum Yanko-Dada
Ein Hod, Israel. (1991)
Neither Here nor There
Vehicule Art Gallery
Montreal, Canada (1981)
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