In collaboration with Tamar Raban
Borochov Gallery, Tel Aviv (1993)
Places and Mainstream
Hara Museum
Tokyo, Japan (1991)
The Majesty of Absence
Janco-Dada Museum
Ein Hod, Israel. (1991)
About Ha and Dada
Poetry and Performances Soiree
Concept and production by Uri Cohen
Directed by Dan Zakhem and Tamar Raban
French Institute, Tel Aviv, (1991)
Dennis the Menace Nomad
Shelter 209, Program No.3
Israel Festival in Jerusalem (1990)
Sham-Po (Here-There)
Nature Project No.6
Ness Harim Forest, Jerusalem (1990)
Fat Freckles in the Sky
Shelter 209, program No.2
Ramat Aviv, Israel (1989)
Ningy the Gingy
Shelter 209, Program No.1
Ramat Aviv, Israel (1988)
Impressions from Above-A-Phenomenom
Israel Festival, Jerusalem (1987)
Flings-A Post-Modernist Soiree
Directing. Poetry and Performances
Beit Tsavta, Tel Aviv, Israel (1985)
Napping on a Forest's Nipple
Nature Project No.5
Ness Harim Forest, Israel (1985)
Schubi Dubi Zu
In collaboration with Anat Schen.
Kibbutz Shfayim, Israel (1985)
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