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Year of production: 1984

Running Time: 3:49 min

Performance, Tel Aviv, Israel, July 1984
With the collaboration Esti Zakhem, Noam Meiri and Babel members
A month of ongoing performances during the election campaign of the 11th Knesset in Israel. Performance election night on Shenkin street in Tel Aviv at Tat Rama And Shenk-In Galleries

… "Dan Zakhem, to be sure, has in the past made direct references to politics. During the elections of 1984, he established a fictitious party, called Babel, as head of which he ran for office. He organized an entire American-type pop-art campaign, waving to crowds from and open car etc. Complete with plastic smile. The essence of the campaign was to present the propaganda as an artistic medium, in which eight monitors broadcasted the election results live from Jerusalem..." 
(Michael Sgan-Cohen 1991)


Year of production: 1987

Running time: 2:54 min

7 day Performance by Dan Zakhem
Israel Festival, Jerusalem May-June 1987
Angels descending on Jerusalem and trying to leave a a print. Beauty and fantasy versus worshiping, poetry against religious fanaticism were few of the associations related to the work.

Lyrics: Ilan Sheinfeld. Music: Arik Shapira Design: Tova Berman

Year of production: 1990

Running Time: 6:30 min

Dennis the Menace Nomade
Programm No.3 Shelter 209
The performance consisted of three individual performances created by the Shelter 209 performance artists (Anat Schen, Tamar Raban and Dan Zakhem), they were presented one after another in the same space, with parts coordinated simultaneously.  
Zakhem's work which consisted of a journal of changing scenes interspersed with interludes of meditation, reporting experiences of childhood and death, as well as personal perplexities, exposing the conflicts inherent in the "rituals" of foreign travel – the Wanderlust warring with the need and longing to return home; the myth of "Zion" vs. the myth of the "World.

The performance was originally designed to be presented in the public bomb shelter of the Jerusalem Theater in Jerusalem during the Israel Festival 1990.
Duration: 2 hours

Year of production: 1990

Running time: 5:45 min

A segment from Meditation #2, 1990
This video is one element of a live performance named "Dennis the Menace Nomad" 1990 and "The Majesty of Absence" 1991.  It depicts the constant journey of a man towards the end of a self-burial.


Year of production: 1991

Running Time: 5:50 min

Segment of Performance-Installation 
Shelter 209 artists at Museum Janko-Dada, Ein Hod, Israel.
"The presence of absence
Standing on the threshold between the masculine and feminine, between life and death, between fertility and destruction, between full and absence from the world of חחים and reservations from the world of more. It was the essence of Dan Zakhem's work. His work has always held the intensity of the power between two polar opposites, and choose all edges standing threshold, as a constant in the time."
(Ilan Sheinfeld 1990)


Year of Production: 1993

Running Time: 6:56 min

On going performance-installation by Dan Zakhem and Tamar Raban at the Borochov Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. The video is a segment of a discussion in the preparation of the exhibition.
It was presented as integral part of the installation where it was displayed face to face with the video of Tamar Raban we can hear in this segment.

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