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Made in Israel 

"Made in Israel" (transliterated)

Performance with the collaboration of Esty Zakhem

At the opening night of the Canadian Carbon 14 performance, Zakhem arrived to the Jaffa Port the same way as the immigrants came to the Holy Land, by small fishing boat.  He disembarked accompanied by soldier fairies and Esty Zakhem as his assistant.  Wearing a Turkish Hat with a blue T-shirt with "Made in Israel" transliterated on it, he sat on an electrical wheelchair, stands up, dances to a music only he can hear with his earphones.  He them slowly wheeled down to see the performance of the Canadian "Carbone 14 group".

This work was a response to the budget cuts on Israeli Art in comparision to heavy expenses to bring productions from abroad.

On 1985

Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, Israel



*... archive still in process

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