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Dennis the Menace (1991)


Programm No. 3,  Shelter 209

Tel Aviv, Israel

The performance consists of three individual performances presented one after another in the same space, with parts coordinated simultaneously.  The playing area consists of a three-chambered construction, each chamber of which serves as a home base or "territory" for each performance.  The individual performances utilize, among other devices, videos and slides.  An integral part of the performance is that the performers themselves manipulate a large part of their technical equipment (lighting, sound, video and special effects)

A journal which consists of changing scenes interspersed with interludes of meditation, reporting experiences of childhood and death, as well as personal perplexities, exposing the conflicts inherent in the "rituals" of foreign travel – the Wanderlust warring with the need and longing to return home;  the myth of "Zion" vs. the myth of the "World.

Duration:  2 hours

The performance was originally designed to be presented in a public bomb shelter.




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